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School Feedback



Good morning

I am Ms Dziba 'Koko' N. the Principal of Qugqwala Primary School in Eastern Cape. I am amongst the schools that were trained by Ndumie  in King William's Town. I wish to share my experience and journey to the top through Read.

In 2013 I was selected as the Lead Teacher in the District for English FAL. The Department had introduced a programme called 'How I Teach'.

In this I had to present a Shared Reading lesson. All the 23 Districts came with their best teachers. I am glad to say that I was the only teacher who presented what was needed. Ndumie was there to support me and what transpired there was the beginning of good things to come.

In August I was nominated as the best Principal on Leadership in Primary school within the District. I then represented the District in the Province and in November I won the category of 'Excellence in Primary School Leadership'. My  strong point was on curriculum management which is the core business of the Department. In our school we believe that our learners have to master reading first. We even have a slogan that says 'Leaders are readers '. We are thankful to Read for all the trainings we've been offered. Today our classrooms are print - rich, we've come to understand that learners learn by seeing. We even have word walls which enrich their vocabulary [ this was new to us].

Last week I was invited by the Province in a Curriculum Indaba to share best practises with the curriculum officials. As I was presenting there I had my Big books, teaching aids and all the methodologies from Read. The Director acknowledged me saying my presentation was the cherry on top for the day. Now I am proud to say I am a winner because of Read.

As I am writing this email I am preparing to go to Pretoria on the 5th.There will be a gala dinner on the 6th to announce the winners on the different categories. I will be there to represent my province I am looking at myself and counting my blessings because today our school is being visited by other schools. We share our best practises with them. My words are not enough to show you how thankful I am to Read.  I am also thankful to Ndumie  for the workshops and follow up visits. Today I am the winner that is acknowledged by all. Am being invited by all Districts to share what I've learnt, also to present lessons for teachers. Words are jut not enough to show you my gratitude.

Thank you once more.  




  Click here to download the full Rally to Read progress report


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