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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the responsibility a business has to the community and environment in which they operate. Companies cannot operate in isolation from the community and environment where they are situated. Without the surrounding communities and environment, the business would not be able to operate, and when the business reaches success, it is important to give back.

Participating in Corporate Social Responsibility is not a formal, regulated requirement of a business. However, there is guidance from ISO in terms of ISO26000. ISO26000 is defined as the international guideline developed to help corporations effectively assess and address their corporate social responsibility

Participating in one of the Rally to Read initiatives can contribute towards your business’ corporate social responsibility while also giving back to less privileged communities.

As important as corporate social responsibility is to help the environment and community, it can also benefit your company. Here are a few ways that participating in Corporate Social Responsibility, such as, Rally to Read, could benefit your company:

Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility:

Improving your community with Corporate Social Responsibility The most valuable benefit of participating in corporate social responsibility activities such as Rally to Read, is the improvement of the surrounding communities or environment. It is important for companies to give back to the community that is empowering their business.

Participating in a Rally to Read provides crucial literary materials and resources to communities and educational institutes who need it.

Developing your employees with Corporate Social Responsibility

By contributing to different charitable events, companies expose their employees to new people and opportunities. It can help employees to feel more connected to the company, the community and the environment.

Your employees will feel more satisfied at work if they know that their company and they themselves are making a difference for the better in the community that they live in. All your employees can participate in the Rally to Read driving in vehicles to deliver educational materials to communities in need.

Building Trust With New and Existing Clients with Corporate Social Responsibility

Putting your business out there and helping the community that you operate in, lets your existing clients know that you care. This will also show any future clients that you are a responsible business that can be trusted to care about the communities in which they operate.

Building Trust with Surrounding Community with Corporate Social Responsibility

Your business needs a community and infrastructure to operate and do business in. When your business gives back to this community, your brand is recogonised as one caring about the community in which they operate.

More Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility include:

  • Brand Recognition
  • Cost Savings
  • Finding Talented Staff
  • Enhance Relationships with Clients
  • Becoming an Employer of Choice
  • Have Positive Effect in the Community
  • Improving B-BBEE score

It is important for businesses to see value of CSR in every aspect of the business. It’s not just giving back to the community or environment, it is also benefiting and growing your own business. Contact us to be a part of a Rally to Read and contribute towards your Corporate Social Responsibility


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